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Teams Summary 09′


Best SC Players:- Simon Goodwin (Fwd, Mid), Jason Porplyzia (For), Tyson Edwards (Mid), Bernie Vince (Mid) and Scott Thompson (Mid).

Worst SC Players:- Ben Rutten (Def), Robert Shirley (Mid), Andrew McLeod (Def) and Trent Hentschel (For).

Young Guns :- Andy Otten (Mid), Taylor Walker (For), Kurt Tippett (Ruc, For), Patrick Dangerfield (Mid) and Phil Davis (For, Def).



Best SC Players :- Simon Black (Mid), Jonathan Brown (For), Luke Power (Mid) and Jed Adcock (Def, Mid).

Worst SC Players :- Joel Macdonald (Def), Rhan Hooper (For), Daniel Merret (Def) and Joel Patfull (Def).

Young Guns :- Bradd Dalziell (Mid), Mitch Clark (Ruc), Daniel Rich (Mid), James Polkinghorne (Mid).



Best SC Players :- Chris Judd (Mid), Marc Murpy ( Mid), Bryce Gibbs (Mid), Brendan Fevola (For) and Kade Simpson (Mid).

Worst SC Players :- Cameron Cloke (Ruc), Brad Fisher (For), Jordan Bannister (Mid) and Robert Warnock (Ruc).

Young Guns :- Shaun Grigg (Mid), Paul Bower (Def), Jordan Russell (For).



Best SC Players :- Dane Swan (Mid), Alan Didak (For), Leon Davis (Mid, For), Josh Fraser (Ruc), Tarkyn Lockyer (Mid, Def), Scott Pendlebury (Mid).

Worst SC Players :- Harry O’Brien (Def), Simon Prestigiacomo (Def), Dale Thomas (For) and Tyson Goldsack (Def).

Young Guns :- Dayne Beams (Mid), Sean Rusling (For), Jaxson Barham (Mid) and Ryan Cook (Mid, Def).



Best SC Players :- Brent Stanton (Mid), Jobe Watson (Mid), Patrick Ryder (Def) and Jason Winderlich (Mid).

Worst SC Players :- Jason Laycock (Ruc), Matthew Lloyd (For), Scott Lucas (For), Henry Slattery (Mid) and Dustin Fletcher (Def).

Young Guns :- Kyle Reimers (For), Scott Gumbleton (For), Bachar Houli (Def, Mid) and Michael Quinn (Def).



Best SC Players :- Matthew Pavlich (For), Aaron Sandilands (Ruc), Paul Haselby (Mid), Paul Duffield (Def) and Rhys Palmer (Mid).

Worst SC Players :- Marcus Drum (Def), Ryan Crowley (Mid), Kepler Bradley (For, Ruc) and Ryan Murphy (For).

Young Guns :- Greg Broughton (Def), Matthew De Boer (Mid), Stephen Hill (Def, Mid), Rhys Plamer (Mid) and Clancee Pearce (Def).



Best SC Players :- Gary Ablett (Mid), Jimmy Bartel (Mid), Joel Corey (Mid), Joel Selwood (Mid) and Paul Chapman (For), Steve Johnson (For).

Worst SC Players :- Tom Harley (Def), Mark Blake (Ruc), Cameron Ling (Mid) and Mathew Stokes (For).

Young Guns :- Mitchell Brown (For), Tom Gillies (Def), Tom Hawkins (For) and Simon Hogan (For).



Best SC Players :- Luke Hodge (Def, Mid), Lance Franklin (For), Sam Mitchell (Mid), Brad Sewell (Mid), Jordan Lewis (Mid), Cyril Rioli (For), Chance Bateman (Mid), Xavier Ellis (Def) and Rick Ladson (Def).

Worst SC Players :- Trent Croad (Def), Ben McGlynn (Mid, For), Mark Williams (For) and Simon Taylor (Ruc).

Young Guns :- Cyril Rioli (For), Brendan Whitecross (Def), Ryan Schoenmakers (For, Def) and Beau Muston (Mid).



Best SC Players :- Cameron Bruce (Mid), James McDonald (Mid), Brad Green (Mid), Colin Sylvia (For, Mid) and  Aaron Davey (For).

Worst SC Players :- Russell Robertson (For), Brad Miller (For), Addam Maric (For) and Mark Jamar (Ruc).

Young Guns :- Jack Grimes (Def), Kyle Cheney (Def), Matthew Bate (For) and Matthew Warnock (Def).



Best SC Players :- Brent Harvey (Mid, For), Drew Petrie (Ruc,For), Hamish McIntosh (Ruc), Daniel Pratt (Def).

Worst SC Players :- Leigh Adams (Mid), Aaron Edwards (For), Corey Jones (For) and Ed Lower (Mid).

Young Guns :- Liam Anthony (Mid), Cruize Garlett (Mid), Levi Greenwood (Def) and Jesse Smith (Def).



Best SC Players :- Shaun Burgoyne (Mid), Domenic Cassisi (Mid), Kane Cornes (Mid), Chad Cornes (Def, Mid) and Steven Salopek (Mid).

Worst SC Players :- Alipate Carlile (Def), Troy Chaplin (Def), Brett Ebert (For) and Robbie Gray (For).

Young Guns :- Hamish Hartlett (Mid), Nathan Krakouer (For), Alipate Carlile (Def), and Danny Meyer (Mid).



Best SC Players :- Brett Deledio (For, Mid), Chris Newman (Def), Nathan Foley (Mid), and Ben Cousins (Mid).

Worst SC Players :- Joel Bowden (Def), Kayne Pettifer (For), Cleve Hughes (For), Daniel Connors (Mid), Shane Edwards (For).

Young Guns :- Alex Rance (Def), Robin Nahas (For), Angus Graham (Ruc), Jayden Post (Def), and Tyrone Vickery (Ruc, For).



Best SC Players:- Nick Riewoldt (For), Sm Fisher (Def), Lenny Hayes (Mid), Nick Dal Santo (Mid), Sam Gilbert (Def), Brendan Goddard (Def) and Leigh Montagna (Mid).

Worst SC Players :- Leigh Fisher (Def), Jarryd Allen (For, Def), Colm Begley (Def), Xavier Clarke (Mid, For), Raphael Clarke (Def) and Sean Dempster (Def).

Young Guns :- Sam Gilbert (Def), Jarryn Geary (Def) and Zac Dawson (Def).



Best SC Players :- Brett Kirk (Mid), Ryan O’Keefe (For), Adam Goodes (Mid), Darren Jolly (Ruc), Jarrad McVeigh (Mid) and Martin Mattner (Def).

Worst SC Players :- Nic Fosdike (Mid), Luke Ablett (Mid), Ed Barlow (Def, Mid) and Lewis Roberts-Thompson (Def).

Young Guns :- Kieran Jack (Mid), Mike Pyke (Ruc) and Daniel Currie (Ruc).



Best SC Players :- Daniel Cross (Mid), Adam Cooney (Mid), Lindsay Gilbee (Def), Shaun Higgins (For, Mid), Matthew Boyd (Mid), Daniel Giansiricusa (For), Ryan Griffen (Mid) and Brian Lake (Def).

Worst SC Players :- Dylan Addison (Mid), Andrejs Everitt (Def), Ben Hudson (Ruc) and Wayde Skipper (For, Ruc).

Young Guns :- Liam Picken (Mid), Ayce Cordy (Ruc), Jarrad Grant (For) and Jordan Roughead (Ruc).



Best SC Players :- Dean Cox (Ruc) and Matt Pridis (Mid).

Worst SC Players :- Ryan Davis (Mid, Def), Darren Glass (Def), Ashley Hansen (For), Tim Houlihan (Mid), Mark Nicoski (Def) and Will Schofield (Def).

Young Guns :- Mitchell Brown (For), Adam Cockie (Mid), Brad Ebert (Mid), Josh Kennedy (For), Mark LeCras (For), Chris Masten (Mid), Ben McKinley (For), Patrick McGinnity (Mid), Nick Naitanui (Ruc) and Tom Swift (Mid).




4 Responses to “Teams Summary 09′”

  1. Ben said

    Hey Chris,

    Thank you for your positive comments. Do you actually do/did SuperCoach?


  2. Chris Murphy said

    I listened to you guys talk on SEN yesterday and I decided I’d have a look at your website. It is impressive for a bunch of 11 year olds and I will keep an eye on this.

  3. Ben said

    Hey Bill,

    Good to hear that our readers are enjoying our in-depth info on the footy. As you said, you found our blog had a lot of substance, well me and Josh are 11… It sure is great to hear positive comments coming from our readers. May I ask where you found our blog?


  4. This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read.. ..


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