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Mini SuperCoach

Next Year SuperCoach Tips is bringing you



100% FREE


The Rules:

  • You will have 7 trades for the whole SuperCoach season. Use them wisely.
  • We will use the SuperCoach scoring system
  • You must pick 7 players.
  • You will have 1 Captain scoring double points.
  • You will have 1 Wildcard which will play against the SuperCoach Tips Wildcard. If your wildcard scores better you will score 50 bonus points.
  • You will select 1 emergency which will only play if one of your players does not play.

You will need players in this price range:

1 600,000+

1 500,000-600,000

1 400,000-500,000

1 300,000-400,000

1 200,000-300,000

1 200,000 or less

1 player in any price range.

Good Luck and please enter your team before SuperCoach starts in 2010.

Josh and Ben

3 Responses to “Mini SuperCoach”

  1. Fantastic, I didn’t heard about that until now. Thanx.

  2. Ben said

    Yeaah, we’re moving along nicely now, but as soon as the SuperCoach season starts. WATCH OUT! WATCH THOSE HITS GO FLYING!

  3. Dan said

    well done felas u just broke the 4,ooo hits mark.

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