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SCC League : 2010

The league(s) will have 16 players in each league. To earn your spot in the top division with Ben and Josh you will need to be one of the first to see the league code and enter the league (But don’t worry, we’ll be in all of the divisions). The league code is currently being shown here on this page, on the home page, and onΒ In the league we will be INDIVIDUALLY giving you tips and advice on picking your team and using your trades well. We will be able to see your team via the league. Also, special tips are going to be posted on the league, and not on the site…



1st Division = FULL

2nd Division = FULL

3rd Divsion = FULL

Get your workmates, friends and family to come join us in the SCC League. Hope to see you there.

Ben and Josh.

49 Responses to “SCC League : 2010”

  1. trystan's jesters said

    hey guys ive got a legue if you want to join heres the code.
    cya then

  2. Adam said

    Glad to be onboard!

  3. Josh said

    on the new site,

  4. Josh said

    on the new site

  5. Sean said

    So wheres the code you promised…

  6. JB0016 said

    hey guys, have the league been made yet? coz supercaoch opens today

  7. Ben said

    Hey Seb,

    As you like the site and are into SuperCoach, would you like to be put on the list for a competitor to join the SC Tips League : 2010?


  8. Seb said

    hey guys,

    I’m really into supercoach, I like this site.

  9. Ben said


    Oh really, watched the whole thing and Gazza was always gonna win…Dane Swan was terrible, had a horrible start and could never catch up.

    Also, don’t forget to tune into SEN 1116am, me and Josh are on any time between 12pm and 1pm, today (which is 22nd Sep.).

  10. Dan said

    Hey guys,

    I’ve got a some info about Dane swan fot tonights brownlow count.
    Last year Swan got when 28 or more touches in a game he polled at least 1 vote.This year he has had 28 touches or more is 17 games!!!!!!!!!!!
    Things are not looking good for the “Little Master”.


  11. Josh said

    Hey Dan,
    I do agree with you. Buddy was a bit stiff to miss out. Mitch Clark was perfect to be named on the bench rucking with Sandilands. And how about Goddard. He was named on the bench? St.Kilda conceded the least points of any team in 09′ and still they can’t get a player in the back 6. How ? When will the selectors realise?

  12. Dan said

    Hi guys,

    Do you think Buddy Franklin is a bit stiff in missing out on all Australian selection? I know he didn’t have the greatest year compaired to 2008 but i still think he has earnt his spot with 67 goals.
    I also think that they should have picked a second ruckmen and Mitch Clark was the perfect choice because he is very versitile and can play well in the foward line as well as in the ruck.

    Thanks DAN

  13. Hey Dan,

    It seems that you are very enthusiastic at the moment to get in the league, but for now you’ll just have to be patient…
    Michael Hurley is a nice young buy. Only problem would be that he is not very consistent, and for some reason I don’t think that will change unless Lloyd hangs up the boots and he gets a more important role in the forward line.

    AmAziNglY sIMpLE

  14. Dan said

    Thanks Jotterhawks,
    I will definatly join the Supercoach league in 2010 and you never know i might even get lucky and win a PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!
    I might join the tipping as well but i am a pretty bad tipster.


  15. DAN said

    Thanks Jotterhawks,

    I will definitely be joing the supercoach league and hopefully might win a prize!!!!!!!!!!!
    I might have a go at the tipping comp as well even though i am a awful tipster.
    Do you think Michael Hurley would be a good pick up for the 2010 SC season?


  16. Anonymous said

    Thanks Jotterhawks,

    I will definitely be joining the supercoach league and alough im not too good at tipping i might have a go at that too.


  17. Anonymous said

    Thanks Jotterhawks,

    I will definitely be joining in to the supercoach league and hopefully play off for some prizes. I’m not all that good at tipping but i might give it a try.


  18. Hey Dan,

    If you finished 1045th overall it would be with great pleasure if you could be in the league for 2010. But don’t stress there will be as many leagues as we need. And there may be prizes. Just come and get the code for the league when SuperCoach starts for 2010. And also we will probably be making a SuperCoach Tips Fan Club, so if you keep visiting the site and tell all your mates about us, the site will grow. Selected people will make the Fan Club only.


  19. Dan said


    It would be good if I could come into the league. I am really into SC. I finished 1045th overall in 2009.

    Dan πŸ™‚

  20. Hi there JB0016???,

    Sure you can, but to actually GET IN the SC Tips League : 2010 you need to be one of the first 16 to see the league codee first on the site when it is published. You can’t just guarantee your spot. But for now, when the league code will be published is only for me and JotterHawks to know…


    AmAzingLY sImpLE

  21. Good on ya’

  22. jotterhawks said

    Good Work Seany,

    Lost my Grand Final as you see by my shocking score. Oh well. And with your reasonable average you will be ready for the SC Tips League next year.

  23. JB0016 said

    Hello Jotterhawk and Amazingly Simple can i join the sc tips leaugue for 2010, next year will be my second year. i been looking at this website for tips, great site.


  24. Sean said

    Yeah I won my grand final! I ended up getting Brett Deledio haha. I ended my season with an average of 2008.

  25. jotterhawks said

    ROK it is.
    Good Luck.

  26. Sean said

    Yeah I have and I will continue to. Um yeah I have Didak and Davis haha. Yeah I think I will get ROK then. IMO Reiwoldt is too risky because of his knee and if there up by alot I dont think he’ll spend as much time on the field if the game is in the bag. Yeah so looks like ROK it is. Thanks

  27. jotterhawks said

    Hey again,

    Didak is good as well. But Pies playing Doggies.
    Tell all of your friends to go to our site and get ready to enter the SC Tips: League because we need more people to enter.


  28. jotterhawks said

    Good call Sean.

    ROK is probably the best option after playing bad last week and I couldn’t see him playing 2 bad games in a row.
    Riewoldt is another good option. Not sure if you have him though. I am a huge for of Leon Davis because he is such an exciting player. ROK is probably best option.

    GOOD LUCK trading. Jotterhawks

  29. Sean said

    Ahhhhhh! Now I have just read that Jeff Garlett (my only fill in for Buddy) has been suspended by his club! So now the only way I can have a full team playing is if I trade Buddy out. I can get ANY forward in the game so who do you guys think I should be grabbing. So far my main people I’m looking to take so far are:
    1. Ryan O’Keefe
    2. Brett Deledio
    3. Simon Goodwin (but probably not him, most likely ROK or Deledio)

  30. jotterhawks said


    Good to hear from you Sean. Buddy out and with Garlett on fire last week I would take a risk and sub out Franklin for Garlett.
    Van Berlo for Montagna sounds awesome but wait until the teams come out on Thursday evening before you change anything. If Montagna is named for St.Kilda that would be a great deal.

    GOOD LUCK Sean in your Grand Final.

  31. Sean said

    Now that I found out Buddy is out, do you think I should get O’keefe, or should I just let Garlett fill in for him and still make those trades?

  32. Sean said

    Hey guys,
    I made the grand final and i have one trade left with 172,000 in the bank. Just asking what do you all think the best trade would be?
    1. Trade Richo for Joel Selwood
    2. van Berlo for Montagna
    Selwood is playing Fremantle, but had a bad score when they last met. (But I dont think that means too much.) And Montagna is playing Melbourne and had a massive scorelast time.
    And van Berlo looks like he is going to finish the year strong and trading him for Montagna , but then again, Richo for Selwood isn’t too bad either. Thoughts?

  33. jotterhawks said

    Sounds like a great idea!
    Maybe you should try and save to get Riewoldt or Nathan Brown would be an idea as well. Are you playing in the Prelim this week? If you are try and use 2 trades this week (if u have 2 trades) and then u can step up for the Granny. Good Luck in the Prelim and remember Stevie J is a great idea but maybe you should try and get Roo or Browny or ROK.

  34. Sean said

    Hey guys,

    Do you think I should be grabbing stevie j and dropping out krakour. He looks dirt cheap at this stage and had 113 last round. I know he is still not 100% fit but do you think it is a risk that will pay off?

  35. Naths Nutters said

    hey! AmAziNgLY SIMple,
    I am in your supercoach league and you are so good. I always love visiting your site it is awesome!

    Naths Nutters

  36. jotterhawks said

    Doing good thanks Sean.
    Got the week off this week and so does AmAziNgLY sIMpLE so we are going great and are ready for a Grand Final showdown (hopefully).

    How about you other SuperCoach fanatics. GOOD LUCK

  37. Sean said

    So, hows everyone doing for finals?

  38. Same here, I won and went straight through to the Preliminary Final.

  39. Sean said

    Been a while since anyone has posted anything… anyway I got the week off with 3 trades left in the bank!

  40. Sean said

    Haha thanks alot. I already have Luke Hodge and Ablett and I didnt really understand the article about Hodge. It was about Hodge but then it started going on about Broughton I think it was. Anyway, yeah I see you advice you have given me, and hey, it might be correct but I have had a think about it and in the end, by trading out Van Berlo or Rich there only going to score by an extra 10-20 points on average. I think Im just going to sit tight with my 3 trades and see how my team goes this week. Even though the guy Im playing is 1st on the ladder, he only has an average of 1940 and scored 1942 last round. Although he scored this with Blake, Dawson and Bradshaw coming back in this week. I think he would be trading out both of these players and Dawson on his field so with them coming back in this week it should make for a great game, but thanks for the advice.

  41. Well, because you are 4th, you will be playing 1st in the finals. Personally I would be looking at trading out Nathan Van Berlo or Rich. These two guys are the sort of players that are very consistent but always get around the 70 – 90 points range. At this stage in Supercoach it is all about taking risks if you want ot win the league.

    Good options for N. Van Berlo =

    Jobe Watson – Amazing Supercoach pick up after a 99 point round for him. Priced at only $404,800. He is not the most consistent player you will ever see, but boy does he have a fair few amazing scores under his belt.

    Farren Ray – If you’ve got some spare dollars in your bank account, buy this little ripper. Just scored 107, and his price is going to rocket next round. Snap him up before it is too late.

    Good options for D.Rich =

    Luke Hodge – You’ve got to remember that Daniel is still only a ‘rookie’. It’s his first year and he already has a price tag of $500,000. Luke Hodge is a good trde for him. Been very inconsistent at the start of the year but started to level out some reasonable scores lately. If you go back to last year, he rocketed into amazing form in the finals and I reckon he’ll do the same this year.

    Gary Ablett Jr – This is what I have done all year. Traded out a young player brought in a player that has played 2 half decent games and with the remaining money grab another gun in the midfield.

    But remember, I am not doing you’re trades, it is your decision.

    Good Luck!

  42. Sean said

    Dam, thats really good and I would love to be getting tips from a guy who is averageing 2170! Yeah so at the end of this round I scored 2263 so I was pretty happy with that. I do have a question for you now however if thats alright.

    Im sitting 4th on the ladder with 3 trades.

    Backs: Hodge, Wojcinski, Mackie, Grima, Enright, Urquhart, Broughton. Emerg. Scarlett, Maguire

    Mid: Swan, Ablett, Judd, Power, Rich, Van Berlo, Emerg. Barham, Muston

    Ruck: Sandilands, McIntosh Emerg. Spencer, Pyke

    Forwards: Davis, Pavlich, Rioli, Franklin, Krakour, Fevola. Emerg. Garlett, Thompson.

    Now, should I make a trade and push for the week off OR
    should I just let my team go and hopefully come away with the win without using a trade and even if I dont win, atleast I get a double chance.

    Now all of my players are on the field and getting a game but im not sure weather I should be upgrading someone like Urquart or Grima on Scarlett? Thoughts.
    Thanks, Sean

  43. Nice score so far this round Sean, hopefully you will be one of the first to see the league code so you can get into the SC Tips League : 2010. Also, here are my stats:

    Weekly Ranking = 23,499
    League Ranking = 2 (Behind JotterHawks)
    Avg Score = 2170.32
    Team Value = $12,304,200
    Change in Value = $2,699,500

  44. Sean said

    Hey, yeah I will tell them about this site. I’ll read you through my season stats so far. Its my second season in SC.
    weekly ranking: 59,569 of 347,511
    league ranking: 5
    rounds played: 17
    avg score/ round: 1961.35
    trades remaining: 3
    team value: $11,516,600
    change in value: $827,000

    This week so far I am on 1910 and have used 19 players so I am having a good week so far but as you can see by my average, I dont always get scores like this. My highest score this year is 2350.
    Thanks alot. Sean

  45. jotterhawks said

    Just make sure you tell all of your mates or else we might have to shut down the site because not enough people go no this site. And me and Amazingly Simple will make sure you and all of your mates get in the same league. Good Luck for the rest of the season. And one more thing please tell me your score for the last couple of rounds because me and Amazingly Simple are curious about how good you are and if you aren’t that good that is a good thing because then you will get heaps of tips next year on how to make your team better.

  46. Sean said

    Ok I will, but what if they get the last code or something. Sorry maybe i’m just paranoid but I would love to be in this league.


  47. jotterhawks said

    Hey sean,

    If you keep visiting the site the code may come out. So keep visiting the site and tell all of your mates about it because we are desperate for more hits. The reason you do not have to put in your email address is because we are going to put the league code in the post. We are NOT going to send the league code by email. Thanks Sean and don’t forget to tell all of your mates!


  48. Sean said

    Hey, this sounds good. I’m really into supercoach and I would love to be in this league. Could any of you guys give me a buzz when the league codes come out or could the person who published this page please give me their email adress. This sounds really cool. Thanks. I just really don’t want to miss out on this.


  49. Naths Nutters said

    Who came up with this idea!?

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