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Posted by Josh on February 23, 2010

The MPP (Multi-Purpose Player) System will bring great and wonderful new things to SuperCoach in 2010. The MPP system has been brought into SuperCoac so that you are able to substitute players between postions. WONDERFUL!!! But the players you swap around both must be available in the other position. e.g P.Dangerfield (ADE) is available in the Forward line and the Midfield and Matthew Pavlich (FRE) the same. So if you want you can swap them round. Here are my Top 5 MPP Pairs:

5. Luke Hodge (HAW)—–Levi Greenwood (NM).

Hodge is supremely under-priced this year and is a premium. At 485,000 can you not have him. Grrenwood should be picked in the midfield so you can afford to have Rick Ladson in defence and Hodge can then be picked as one of your 2 or 3 premiums in defence.

4. Andrew Moore (PTA)—–Phil Davis (ADE)

The young gun MPP duo. Davis and Moore have both had alot of hype around how they will improve this year. Moore was a first round draft pick this year and Davis was selected in the 2008 draft. This is an important duo and would have been ranked higher but I havn’t seen much of these players and hopefully they live up to there expectation.

3. Lindsay Gilbee (WB)—–Chad Cornes (PTA)

Both fallen premiums and both extremely affordable. Gilbbe had a tough year last year and Cornes just had a dissappointing year. If there both back at there best this year they will average 200 between them. A huge risk but isn’t that what SC is all about?

2. Matthew Pavlich (FRE)—–Patrick Dangerfield (ADE)

Pavlich is a known premium and Dangerfield was one of my buys of the year last year. Both these players are available in the forward line and defence. Dangerfield was a top draft pick a few years ago now and I believe this year will be his rise to a premium buy next year. Pavlich will average 110 this year and Dangerfield will be a great surprise, I reckon averaging 90. This is my must have MPP Duo but it’s up to you.

1. Kurt Tippett (ADE)—–Matthew Lobbe (PTA)

This if my favourite one. Tippett showed everyone he could play last year. He played alot of the year in the forward line and we are extremely fortunate that he is still available in the ruck. Tippett can only get better and I am expecting an average of 90 this year. Lobbe is a young GUN who is priced at 100,000. Lobbe only needs to be named on the bench and when disaster hita you can use then MPP system to your advantage.


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