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Posted by Josh on September 22, 2009


The AFL’s night of all night’s was kicked off by the first round, unlike last year when the AFL’s CEO, Andrew Demetriou, started the Brownlow Count in Round 2. The first round passed and like every year, we had 8 leaders. Here is the top 10 and that will be followed by all the clubs results:

1st Gary Ablett Jnr (Geelong) ……………………………………30 votes Starting Price: 2.70

2nd Chris Judd (Carlton) ………………………………………….22 votes Starting Price: 7.00

3rd Lenny Hayes (St.Kilda) ……………………………………….20 votes Starting Price: 41.00

4th Simon Black (Brisbane) ……………………………………….19 votes Starting Price: 14.00

4th Jonathan Brown (Brisbane) …………………………………19 votes Starting Price: 67.00

6th Nick Dal Santo (St.Kilda) …………………………………….17 votes Starting Price: 9.00

6th Adam Goodes (Sydney) ……………………………………..17 votes Starting Price: 8.00

8th Joel Selwood (Geelong) ……………………………………..16 votes Starting Price: 11.00

9th Nick Riewoldt (St.Kilda) …………………………………….15 votes Starting Price: 17.00 

9th Marc Murphy (Carlton) ……………………………………..15 votes Starting Price: 41.00

9th Bryce Gibbs (Carlton) ………………………………………..15 votes Starting Price: 51.00

The Teams-Top 5:

ADELAIDE Champion Data Favourite: Goodwin Total Votes: 83

Bernie Vince 13

Scott Thompson 11

Kurt Tippett 7

Tyson Edwards 7

Andrew McLeod 7

BRISBANE Drummond Total Votes: 85

Simon Black 19

Jonathan Brown 19

Luke Power 9

Mitch Clark 8

Daniel Rich 6

CARLTON Simpson Total Votes: 78

Chris Judd 22

Marc Murphy 15

Bryce Gibbs 15

Brendan Fevola 11

Kade Simpson 5

COLLINGWOOD Swan Total Votes: 75

Scott Pendlebury 13

Dane Swan 12

Alan Didak 12

Leon Davis 10

Josh Fraser 6

ESSENDON Watson Total Votes: 58

Jobe Watson 10

Jason Winderlich 10

Brent Satnton 8

Dustin Fletcher 5

Andrew Lovett 5

FREMANTLE Sandilands Total Votes: 42

Aaron Sandilands 10

Matthew Pavlich 10

Paul Haselby 7

Stephen Hill 4

Luke McPharlin 3

GEELONG Ablett Total Votes: 98

Gary Ablett 30

Joel Selwood 16

Paul Chapman 12

Jimmy Bartel 10

Joel Corey 7

HAWTHORN Mitchell Total Votes: 50

Sam Mitchell 13

Brad Sewell 13

Luke Hodge 7

Lance Franklin 4

Jarryd Roughead 4

MELBOURNE Davey Total Votes: 31

Aaron Davey 6

Brent Moloney 5

Colin Sylvia 5

Nathan Jones 4

Jack Grimes 3

NORTH MELBOURNE Swallow Total Votes: 44

Brent Harvey 9

Andrew Swallow 7

Adam Simpson 7

Drew Petrie 5

Hamish McIntosh 4

PORT ADELAIDE Cassisi Total Votes: 60

David Rodan 7

Warren Tredrea 7

Robbie Gray 6

Domenic Cassisi 5

Brett Ebert 5

RICHMOND Deledio Total Votes: 41

Matthew Richardson 6

Richard Tambling 5

Brett Deledio 5

Ben Cousins 5

Daniel Jackson 5

ST.KILDA Montagna Total Votes: 110

Lenny Hayes 20

Nick Dal Santo 17

Nick Riewoldt 15

Brendon Goddard 14

Leigh Montagna 13

SYDNEY Goodes Total Votes: 70

Adam Goodes 17

Ryan O’Keefe 11

Brett Kirk 11

Jarrad McVeigh 10

Rhyce Shaw 6

WEST COAST Priddis Total Votes: 53

Mark LeCras 9

Matthew Priddis 7

Daniel Kerr 6

Dean Cox 5

Shannon Hurn 5

WESTERN BULLDOGS Boyd Total Votes: 78

Matthew Boyd 14

Shaun Higgins 11

Jason Akermanis 10

Daniel Cross 8

Brian Lake 7

The Facts:

Gary Ablett polled 30 votes almost polling more votes than the whole of the Melbourne Team.

Last Year every time Dane Swan had more than 28 touches he polled at least one vote, obviously not doing that this year as he had more than 28 touches 17 times and only polled 12 votes.

Matthew Richardson played just 6 games this year and managed 6 votes. Amazingly winning the most votes for a Richmond player.

Chris Judd has polled 15 votes or more for 6 years in a row.

Scott Pendlebury was great odds to win the Pies most vote getter polling 13 votes and beating Dane Swan, Alan Didak and Leon Davis.

Champion Data tipped Brisbane’s top 3 vote getter’s to be: 1st Drummond 2nd Mitch Clark 3rd Luke Power. Amazingly Simon Black and Jonathan Brown were not in the Top 3. They finished equal 4th with 19 votes.

Amazingly Champion Data got Kade Simpson to be Carlton’s top vote getter and he finished 5th behind Judd, Murphy, Gibbs and Fevola.

In Round 6 when Hawthorn played Carlton, Brendan Fevola scored 8 goals and still couldn’t manage a vote.


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The Super Coach All-Australian Team 2009

Posted by Josh on September 17, 2009

This is the team you have all been vying to see. The real deal, THE SUPERCOACH ALL-AUSTRALIAN TEAM. A team of superstars, a team of the best the very best. Supercoach has the most realistic scoring out of all the fantasy games and awards points not just for a kick but for its effectiveness. This team has been put together with all the best players in there positions. Obviously no player can be named in 2 positions. Here’s the team you have been waiting for:


Goddard was an obvious selection, he scored 300 more than the next best. Enright. Goddard just had a fantastic year, playing in a great team. Why he didn’t get in the Back 6 of the real deal All-Australian Team. Goddard averaged a huge 116 points a game and still managed to drop 3,000 during the H&A season. Enright averaged 98 during the season and has carried his side into September. Enright has played every game in 09′ and could be a good premium buy in 2010. Tarkyn Lockyer. Well what can I say. Dropped to a very low price and could be THE buy of next year. Providing no injury. The other 4 thoroughly deserved their spot in the SC All-Australian Team and should all be vying for a spot next year.


Swan and Ablett. Both dreaming about the 2009 Brownlow and yet again get named in a very special team. Swan averaged 123 which sounds big but Lil’ Gazza managed to average *drumroll* 140. After a great start out of the blocks Gazza seemed to slow towards the end of the season. Not Much. But a bit. Ablett played just 19 games and still managed to be the 2nd highest scorer in the AFL. Gazza deserves the Brownlow but it may be taken off him by Swanny. Ablett’s 3 games out MAY cost him. Montagna jumped almost 100,000 during the season and Murphy was a big surprise to be named in the SC All-Australian. Selwood and Dal Santo were unlucky to be left out of the side but that’s just the way things are sometimes.

RUCKS: Mitch CLARK and Darren JOLLY

To different rucks to last year deserved their spot in the team. It was close as the top 5 rucks for the year were separated by just 55 points and Big Sandilands was only just nudged out by Jolly. In Fact overtaken in the last round by Jolly and Clark and then almost McIntosh. Clark rose 210,000 and averaged 93 in the season 1 more than Jolly who averaged 92. Sandilands averaged 101 but missed 2 games leaving him just short of the final 22. Sandilands got what he deserved by being named All-Australian the other night. All though I thought Mitch Clark could have found his spot on the bench.


Mitch Clark could have been named in the forward line but decided to put him in the ruck and let Fev take the final spot. O’Keefe dropped 65,000 in 09′ and still averaged 109. O’Keefe could be a good buy next year as his price will rise near the start of the season. Riewoldt and Deledio both had outstanding years and lived up to the reputation they were set at the start of the year. They averaged 113 and 103 respectively with Riewoldt missing one match due to injury. Davis was claimed to be over priced at the start of the year but managed to live up to his price. Davis averaged 111 and was outstanding when Collingwood needed him most. Davey had an amazing start to 09′ and then tailed away a bit. Melbourne’ go to man down back played a good role playing off half back for the young Dee’s. Fev had an outstanding year booting 86 goals but SuperCoach does not exactly favour his game style. Fev had a fantastic season and deserved his spot at Full-Forward in the All-Australian Team. Fev averaged 93 and jumped over the 500,000 mark on price.


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THE All-Australian Team

Posted by Josh on September 15, 2009

The 2009 All Australian side

B: Corey Enright (Geelong), Matthew Scarlett (Geelong), Brian Lake (Western Bulldogs)

HB: Simon Goodwin (Adelaide), Craig Bolton (Sydney Swans), Nick Maxwell (Collingwood)

C: Leigh Montagna (St Kilda), Lenny Hayes (St Kilda), Joel Selwood (Geelong)

HF: Paul Chapman (Geelong), Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda – captain), Dane Swan (Collingwood)

F: Leon Davis (Collingwood), Brendan Fevola (Carlton), Jonathan Brown (Brisbane Lions)

R: Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle), Chris Judd (Carlton – vice-captain), Gary Ablett (Geelong)

I/C: Matthew Boyd (Western Bulldogs), Nick Dal Santo (St Kilda), Brendon Goddard (St Kilda), Adam Goodes (Sydney Swans)


Team by Team

Adelaide: 1

Brisbane: 1

Carlton: 2

Collingwood: 3

Fremantle: 1

Geelong: 5

St.Kilda: 5

Sydney: 2

Western Bulldogs: 2


A Few Stats

Saints  captain Nick Riewoldt was named with the (C) and Chris Judd (VC). It is the fifth time Cat defender Matthew Scarlett and Crow midfielder Simon Goodwin have been given the honours with both players being selected in the back half. The most talked about position was the full-back position which was taken by Matthew Scarlett and Brian Lake was named in the back pocket. The surprise was that Leon Davis was named in the side and West Coast forward Mark LeCras missed out after his outstanding year. Paul Chapman was surprisingly named at half-forward and Brendon Goddard was named on the BENCH for his first selection in the team. Nick Dal Santo, Matthew Boyd and Adam Goodes round up the bench. Dane Swan was named at half-forward as expected and Brendan Fevola was worthily selected at full-forward after winning the Coleman Medal. Simon Prestigiacomo, Mitch Clark and Sam Gilbert were unlucky not to be selected. Lance Franklin surely could have been selected in the forward pocket?


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Jotter Hawks Top 50-2009

Posted by Josh on September 12, 2009

1. Gary Ablett

2. Dane Swan

3. Nick Riewoldt

4. Matthew Scarlett

5. Brian Lake

6. Brendon Goddard

7. Leigh Montagna

8. Chris Judd

9. Lenny Hayes

10. Corey Enright

11. Jonathan Brown

12. Nick Dal Santo

13. Luke Hodge

14. Brendan Fevola

15. Aaron Sandilands

16. Adam Cooney

17. Marc Murphy

18. Alan Didak

19. Simon Prestigiacomo

20. Lance Franklin

21. Joel Selwood

22. Mitch Clark

23. Simon Black

24. Sam Gilbert

25. Leon Davis

26. Bernie Vince

27. Daniel Cross

28. Simon Goodwin

29. Sam Mitchell

30. Jason Porplyzia

31. Adam Goodes

32. Joel Corey

33. Jimmy Bartel

34. Matthew Pavlich

35. Scott Pendlebury

36. Hamish McIntosh

37. Josh Drummond

38. Bryce Gibbs

39. Tarkyn Lockyer 

40. Matthew Pavlich

41. Paul Chapman

42. Dean Cox

43. Andrew Mackie

44. Sam Fisher

45. Drew Petrie

46. Kurt Tippett

47. Jobe Watson

48. Brent Harvey

49. Chris Kinghts

50. Farren Ray

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The 3 Factors

Posted by Josh on September 5, 2009



Brendan Fevola

Fev will look to tear apart the Brisbane defence especially with Daniel Merret being under an injury cloud. Fev finished the Home and Away season on 86 goals and will look to kick 14 goals in the finals series to bring up his 100 goals which he just fell short of in 2008.

The Winner: CARLTON



The Gabba

The Gabba is normaly a hard place to travel for the away team leaving Carlton in a hole. Carlton must tak the crowd and put it to the back of their minds if they want to make a challenge of the game tonight. Last Time these sides played at the Gabba: Carlton 16.16.110 def Brisbane 16.10.106

The Winner: BRISBANE


Jonathan Brown

Brown will simply be the difference between his team winning or losing. Brown has kicked a lot of goals against Carlron in recent times kicking a high of 9 goals. Brown has been a great leader this year leading his side into a finals series .

 The Winner: BRISBANE


The Overall Winner: Brisbane 2-1

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