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Posted by Josh on February 2, 2010

Have you got any questions, just ask here at SuperCoach Tips and we will be happy to answer questions about your: Team selection for 2010, players your not sure on or just SuperCoach in general.

SCC Team

2 Responses to “QUESTION???”

  1. Josh said


    You would certainly be good enough and there will be plenty of competition in these leagues.

    No such thing exists for the excel though.

    Hope to see you in the league


  2. Dana Banana said

    G’day Josh

    Just had a bit of a cruise around the site – I like it. Seems much more welcoming than many others I’ve seen, especially for a mug SC addict like me good self.

    My style of play is mostly based around stats – season startup plus ongoing. There are plenty of lists around but I can’t find anything on excel. Do you know if such a format exists?

    Dana Banana

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