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SCC League:2010

Posted by Josh on February 2, 2010

This is the moment you have all been waiting for,


961103 (First Division has been filled)

748148 = Second Divsion

Cya There

3 Responses to “SCC League:2010”

  1. Banana said

    Cheers Ben. I like the idea of Excel for filtering and sorting…maybe even pivots…(?) I saw a list someone was selling on ebay a couple of days ago. It was $3.50 at the time. Similar format to existing pdf from the SC site.

    Banana is a nickname that came about a few years ago cos people always have to ask again what my name was. “What was that…Bada?…Dabo?…Nada?”

    I guess I got used to introducing myself as Dana Banana…..

  2. Ben said

    Hi Dana banana (:D what kind of a name is that!),

    If anyone is claiming to have averaged a score of 2500, that’s ridiculous. 2109, is great average! I hope to see you in the SCC League!

    The question about Excel is very interesting though. I might look into that for updates on stats through out the year with a free download of the stats in Excel format. Could definately be seeing that this year…

    Thanks for your ideas!

  3. Dana Banana said

    G’day Josh

    The first year I avg 2109 and last year was 1939 per round. I read all these people that say “oh I’m not that good – I only avg 2500″…..!!

    I wanna join one of your leagues but I don’t wanna be just blown out of the water by these so-called low scorers.

    Reckon I’m high enough for the standard?

    Dana Banana

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