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SuperCoach Tips 2010-Top 10 Tips

Posted by Josh on September 23, 2009

1. Always have reserves in every position. It could save you a trade and trades are like gold in Supercoach.

2. Save at least 3 trades for finals. I learnt my lesson and it cost me a spot in the Top 1000.

3. Look at this years trades. Look at how Farren Ray and Stuart Dew went after being traded.

4. When buying gun midfielders you must look at how they have gone when being tagged. If a midfielder can shake a tag, it’s a good SC player to have.

5. Bernie Vince 2010. Vince will be awesome next year. About 530,000.

6. Watch a TAC Cup game or two. Liam Anthony and Dayne Beams shone in these matches and ended up having a great debut year.

7. Steve Johnson. Johnson will be back to his skillful tricky best next year. And is about 320,000. That will be as cheap as he will come.

8. Dean Cox. Cox has been injured for most of this year. His price is at a very bottom.

9. be there

10. Check your team 3 times a week.


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