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Talking Trades #1

Posted by Josh on August 28, 2009

Trades are a big issue in the last Round of SuperCoach (a.k.a) Grand Final Round. I talk trades and captains in the first segment of Talking Trades. Chris Newman is my first issue. Newman has been struck with a knee injury and Richmond’s Captain will miss there last game against West Coast tonight. Newman said he would have loved to run out with the team in the last game of 2009 but the docs keep him in cotton wool. If you still happen to have some trades left here are some options for Chris Newman:

Bret Thornton (Carl)

Last Time V Adelaide: 83            Last Round: 69            2009 Average: 97            2009 Total Score: 1851

Josh Drummond (Bris)

Last Time V Sydney: 164            Last Round: 79            2009 Average: 99            2009 Total Score: 1782

Luke Hodge (Haw)

Last Time V Essendon: 45            Last Round: 111            2009 Average: 91            2009 Total Score: 1646

I will also look at the options for Paul Chapman. Chappy has yet again got a hamstring injury which has been troubling him for a long time. Chapman has the highest price tag of any forward. Options are:

N.Riewoldt (STK)

Last Time V Melbourne: 122            Last Round: 106            2009 Average: 112          2009 Total Score: 2242

J.Brown (Bris)

Last Time V Sydney: 98            Last Round: 72            2009 Average: 98            2009 Total Score: 2060

Leon Davis (Coll)

Last Time V Bulldogs: 99            Last Round: 115            2009 Average: 112            2009 Total Score: 2135           

Good Luck Trading.



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