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My 40 man Squad for the All-Australian Team!

Posted by Josh on August 26, 2009

I was trying to pick a 22 man team for my All-Australian Team but it was impossible with so many good players. I ended up picking a 68 players which would have to be cut down to 40 people to be my starting squad. I will cut down my squad after the final round. The 40 man squad consists of 12 Defenders, 10 Midfielders, 6 Ruckman and 12 Forwards. And here is my 40 man squad:

DEFENDERS:B.Goddard (STK), C.Newman (RICH), C.Enright (GEE), P.Duffield (FRE), T.Lockyer (COLL), M.Doughty (ADE), S.Fisher (STK), J.Drummond (BRIS), S.Gilbert (STK), B.Lake (WB), G.Broughton (FREM), S.Prestigiacomo (COLL) and M.Scarlett (GEE).

MIDFIELDERS:G.Ablett (GEE), C.Judd (CARL), N.Dal Santo (STK), S.Mitchell (HAW), D.Swan (COLL), L.Montagna (STK), M.Murphy (CARL), J.Selwood (GEE), S.Pendlebury (COLL) and L.Hayes (STK).

RUCKS:H.McIntosh (NM), A.Sandilands (FREM), D.Jolly (SYD), M.Clark (BRIS), D.Petrie (NM) and M.Gardiner (STK).

FORWARDS:N.Riewoldt (STK) (C), L.Davis (COLL), J.Brown (BRIS) (VC), B.Fevola (CARL), L.Franklin (HAW), R.O’Keefe (SYD), B.Deledio (RICH), A.Davey (MEL), J.Anthony (COLL), M.Pavlich (FREM), A.Didak (COLL) and M.LeCras (WC).

Nick Riewoldt was named my captain after one of his best season’s and because of his courageous play and passion for the game. Jonathan Brown was named Vice-Captain because of his leadership getting Brisbane up in to the top 8 and becoming a threat to all finals contenders. You may be surprised at some of my inclusions and some of the people that have been left out. Dean Cox was not named because he has not played many games this season and has not been playing his best footy in 2009. At the start of the season many would have thought Mitch Clark and Jack Anthony would not be able to get close to being in the All-Australian side but I believe that both of them are a genuine chance. Clark especially. The hardest position to work out in my final team will be the midfield. All of the 10 players that I have named are guns but I have to drop 3/4 of them to get my final squad, as some extra midfielders may be named on the bench. Good Luck this week in your Supercoach Grand Finals and I hope you win. Just remember go in hard and don’t be afraid to take a couple of risks.



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