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Posted by Josh on August 24, 2009

This week was an OK week for the dominater of our league (Footy Station) as he racked up a rather lazy 2221 points which is there 8th best score this season. Some of the reasons I got a OK score:

Sam Fisher 149, Brett Deledio 163, Lance “Buddy” Franklin 141 and Jack Anthony 123.

Some of the reasons I got a below my best score were:

Greg Broughton 49, Zac Dawson 38, Kyle Cheney 17, Nick Dal Santo 46, Hamish McIntosh 57 and Callum Wilson 29.

All of them scored amazingly bad scores.

My forwards were standouts this week as you can see from the chart below.

Defenders:               25.1%  551

Midfielders:            34.6%  769  

Rucks:                       5.5%    123 

Forwards:                34.7% 771           

The midfielders underperformed with Dal Santo scoring just the 46 points in there shock loss to North Melbourne. The forwards had a magnificent weekend with Jack Anthony, Lance Franklin, Brett Deledio, Brendan Fevola and Mitch Clark all scoring above average scores. My last 2 trades that I used last week were OK but here is how they panned out:

Out: J. Koschitzke 69       In: Mitch Clark 92      + 23

Out: R.Nahas 63                 In: C.Wilson 29            -34

Final Trade points:                                                        -11 😦

This week will be a huge week trying to put off my opposition in the Grand Final and if I can get over the line there will be some sobbing by Sweet Chilli Sauce who is going to be smashed. BRING IT ON!

Have your say: BuddyFranklin or Sweet Chilli Sauce (Sour Chilli Sauce)

What a weekend. Hawthorn beat Richmond by 42 points and Jotterhawks team makes the SuperCoach Grand Final.

By the way AmAziNgLY sIMpLE barracks for Richmond. CARN HAWKS.



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