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Saints Win

Posted by Josh on August 9, 2009

After everyone saw the teams for Saturday’s Hawthorn V St.Kilda clash a lot of people changed there tip. St.Kilda had 7 of there best 22 not playing. But then you take a look at the Hawks. From last years Grand Final team Hawthorn had a total of 9 players missing:

Rick Ladson, Mark Williams, Xavier Ellis, Shane Crawford, Clinton Young, Brad Sewell, Brent Guerra, Trent Croad and Stuart Dew. Hawthorn had more players missing players than St.Kilda and that then brings me to my opinion. How have Hawthorn won a game this year with so many of there best players not playing. Good Luck in your SC finals.



2 Responses to “Saints Win”

  1. jotterhawks said

    Yeah i know, hey Oliver go into the SC Tips League and tell us if you would like to do it next year. It is totally free. And if you keep visiting the site tell all of your mates about it and then you can play in a Super Coach league with them, me and AmAziNgLY sIMpLE in 2010. Good Luck for the rest of the season.

  2. oliver said

    i can’t beleive the hawks lost!!!!

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