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An Awesome Forward Line

Posted by Josh on August 3, 2009

At the start of the year you can have 2 or 3 players that are priced between 550-600,000 in your forward line.

These would be 3 great players to have:

N.Riewoldt STK 09′ Average: 113.39                            J.Brown BRI 09′ Average: 101.33

L.Davis COLL 09′ Average: 115.00                   or       S.Goodwin ADE 09′ Average: 105.20

P.Chapman GEEL 09′ Average: 119.00                       A.Didak COLL 09′ Average: 105.23

At the start of next season as long as no one gets injured. You should have at least 3 of the above players in your forward line and you willl find it helps your team alot. And by the end of the year you could maybe have all of them in your team.

Good Luck. Jotterhawks.


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