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Live Updated Supercoach Scores.

Posted by Josh on July 31, 2009

For live updated Supercoach scores in Round 18 go to or click on the website below:

and click on Supercoach live quarterly updates. You will be able to have players Supercoach scores after every quarter. Another accurate way to know live Supercoach is to go to or press on the website below:

and then click on the game you want and go into. You will then see the game and the score. You should also see a thing that says “Stats” then click on “Team Stats” and it will show you every player from both clubs. Take a look on the far right hand side. It says “DT” this means Dream Team and that is sort of the same as Supercoach. If it says a player is on 50 DT points it is normally about 60-70 Supercoach points. Hope you find these sites and they give you an idea on how your team is going for this round.

GOOD LUCK:) Jotterhawks


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