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Jotterhawks’s Favourite 20 Players!

Posted by Josh on July 31, 2009

1.Gary Ablett Jnr. (Geelong)

The most exciting player to watch

because he racks up possessions

and kicks some great goals. A Premiership player.


2. Nick Riewoldt (St.Kilda)

St.Kilda’s captain is a courageous

player and never gives up.

Takes marks and kicks heaps of goals.


3. Lance Franklin (Hawthorn)

“Buddy” is a star. Last Year he kicked

100 goals and sometimes kicks goals

from very tight angles on the boundary line.


4. Joel Selwood (Geelong)


Selwood won the Rising Star award

in 2006 and since then his game

has gone from strength to strenght. A great midfielder.


5. Nick Dal Santo (St.Kilda)

Dal Santo is St.Kilda’s most reliable

player and has improved his game

alot in 2009. He is a fantastic kick and a good shot at goal.


6. Chris Judd (Carlton)

Judd is Carlton’s best player and can

run and run all day. Kicks goals and

finds the ball easily. A Premiership player and has a Brownlow.


7. Jonathan Brown (Brisbane)

Brisbane’s skipper has an amazing eye

for the goals and is capable of big

hauls. Premiership player in 01′, 02′ and 03′.


8. Leigh Montagna (St.Kilda)

Montagna has taken his game to a

new level this year being one of the

best players for the year. Going after his first premiership in 09′.


9. Luke Hodge (Hawthorn)

He is he Hawks Vice-Captain and most

courageous player. Lat Year won

the Norm Smith Medal and got a premiership medal.


10. Steve Johnson (Geelong)

Geelong’s most exciting player is also

a Norm Smith Medallist and a

premiership player. Has a great bag of skills.


11. Dane Swan (Collingwood)

12. Jimmy Bartel (Geelong)

13. Brian Lake (W.Bulldogs)

14. Brendan Goddard (St.Kilda)

15. Matthew Pavlich (Fremantle)

16. Ryan O’Keefe (Sydney)

17. Lenny Hayes (St.Kilda)

18. Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn)

19. Matthew Scarlett (Geelong)

20. Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle)



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