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Trade Talk

Posted by Josh on July 29, 2009

in trade talk this week we will talk about the Injury’s and about Supercoach finals. As you should all no Supercoach finals run from Round 19-22 and they run just like the AFL finals. You should try and have at least 3 trades left and make sure your team is injury-free. The big talk is about Shaun Higgins. He will miss up to 3 weeks so I would trade him out right now because you can’t afford him to score you 0 at this crucial stage of the season. If you have a bench player that is getting a game (like me) just simply put him on the bench he might help you in the Grand Final and you saved yourself a trade. Another big concern is Jack Grimes. He is stuck in my team and I can’t trade him out and there is no one on the bench. It is really risky but this week I will just have to conceed (hopefully he plays). And one more thing, those of you without Buddy. LOOK OUT!

Carn the HAWKS. Jotterhawks

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