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Jotterhawk’s All-Australian Team-2009

Posted by Josh on July 29, 2009


S.Fisher SC Average: 91.1                B.Lake  90.71              S.Prestigiacomo  48.0  

B.Goddard 117.5         L.Hodge  93.8            M.Scarlett 72.1


A.Sandilands 103.8     G.Ablett 145.2             D.Swan 122.4

L.Montagna 122.2       L.Hayes 119.3             C.Judd 114.5


S.Johnson 98.3         N.Riewoldt (c) 115.1       J.Brown 100.1

C.Rioli 79.0                  B.Fevola 86.0           L.Franklin 86.3

Interchange: S.Mitchell 106.8, J.Selwood 113.9, H.McIntosh 94.8, L.Davis 113.6.   

Picking an Team of superstars is not easy when there is so many players that could be in the team. There were players I could not choose between like Alan Didak and others. But I think here I have a very good team and know one can take that off me. I could have easily put Sam Gilbert in my defence but Ithought the back 6 were clear standout’s. A team can not be complete without a freak and that is the reason for me adding Leon Davis and Lance Franklin.


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