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Ruck Trouble…

Posted by Ben on July 27, 2009

Early on in the season, I would have to say that about 25% of teams would have Dean Cox and Hamish McIntosh as their ruck combination.

Dean Cox = Injured / Out

Hamish McIntosh = Scored 63

At the start of the year about 1% of teams would have had Aaron Sandilands and Darren Jolly as their ruck combo (including me). Now look at them.

Darren Jolly = 169

Aaron Sandilands = 136

Mitch Clark is an interseting pick. You don’t really hear much about him, he is a quiet performer, but he is now one of the leading ruck men and in the mid $500,000’s. If any one reading this has Mitch Clark and Aaron Sandilands as your ruck, can you please comment. By the way my team is bad and my rucks are basically saving me:)


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