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Round 15 Trading

Posted by Ben on July 10, 2009

If you are needing to trade a player out for injury or other reasons read on…


The trouble with defenders is they either go really well or really bad. The most likely case for this round would be the 2 Geelong defenders; Darren Milburn and Matthew Scarlett. Together, these blokes are in 18.35% of teams. Darren Milburns’ price is a lot larger than Matthew Scarlett’s, on average their prices are about $400,000. So you will be looking in the $450,000 to $300,000 price range. If you go to trade one of them out, Chris Newman is on top of the list as he has scored the most points in TOTAL. Now sort the players by Avg/Rd. You will see that Paul Duffield is now at the top and a fair bit ahead of the rest. A bit expensive though, so if you go down a few you will see Jack Grimes and Greg Broughton. These are the guys I would recommend. Greg Broughton is going to be a star, and Jack Grimes has had some amazing scores lately.


Nathan Foley and Cameron Ling are both out on injury. For these guys you will be looking at the $400,000 – $500,000 range. That is a big range. Once again, sort them by Avg/Rd, it gives a more clear ranking of the players. The top players are too epensive and you could only buy them if you had heaps of money before the trade. But when you go down a bit you will see Scott Pendlebury at $457,600!!! Buy him no matter what. He is so low, and as soon as he starts playing again he will rocket up in price. More options would be Jason Winderlich and Rhyce Shaw. These guys get the disposals, simple as that.


Aaron Sandilands is out for this round. So most people have two options, trade him out or substitute him. Most people have at leats one ruck men on the bench that actually plays. But if you want to trade him… There is no real price range because he is the 2nd most expensive ruck men in the competition. DO NOT GET DEAN COX. If I was trading him out I would be looking at some cheaper ruck men as you will get a fair bit of money left over for another trade. A great guy to get would be Josh Fraser. He is in magnificent form and will continue to perform well for the remainder of the season if he keeps up getting the disposals. DO NOT GET HAMISH MCINTOSH. Besides Josh Fraser, the only other player I think is worth it is maybe Michale Gardiner if you want to take a risk.


Jared Brennan and Hayden Skipworth are both out. 14.91% of people have either one of them. Two words for anyone trading them out: LEON DAVIS. He has gone down for once, sanp him up while you can.

Hope this helped



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