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The Little Genius- Gary Ablett

Posted by Josh on June 28, 2009

Only one thing can be said when the word genius is said it is Gary Ablett. He has torn teams apart and that is what I saw him do against Port Adelaide he scored a whooping 206 points against Port Adelaide and if you had him as your captain you will be delighted to find out he got you 412 Supercoach points. But seriously he just racks up the possessions every week and fails to excite. He is the ultimate player. He gets possessions, gets clearances, racks up inside 50’s and kicks goals.



4 Responses to “The Little Genius- Gary Ablett”

  1. jotterhawks said

    Good idea but teams are not tagging Ablett they are tagging Selwood or Bartel. Might be a good idea. Sandilands may be a good move as he is playing against 2 underage ruckman in Kruezer and Hampson.

  2. I would have to say someone like:

    Leigh Montagna. If you don’t have him then get someone that is consistent, either Goddard or if you want to take a risk; Sandialnds. But remember that Gary Ablett is amazing, he might even pull off an even better score than 206. There is no limits to lil’ Gazza.

    AmAziNgLY sIMpLE

  3. Anonymous said

    Should i change my captain “Gary Ablett” this week, since Geelong is playing st kilda, maybe to judd, sandlierlands or someone? What do you have in mind?

  4. Naths Nutters said

    Hey Jotterhawks, You’re team is the best i wish my team was as good as yours. Gary Ablett wat a gun. Yeah, that’s wat i thought. Could you give me some tips on how to become better because…. I’m bad.

    Nathan HAHAHA

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