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SuperLeague – SC Tips League

Posted by Josh on June 26, 2009

Next year the league will be called ‘SC Tips Div 1’.The reason for this is because ‘SuperLeague is reserved by the league with Shane Crawford and all them guys. There will be more than 1 league so every one can play. But there will be divisions, so if you want to make the top division then you will need to post your team from this year in the ‘Rate YOUR Team’ page. Then we will decide the divisions. If that doesn’t work out then it will be the people that get the league code first for Div 1 and and then the people who are late they will have to go in the lower divisions. In the leagues there will be helpful tips from AmAziNgLY sIMpLE and jotterhawks. If you would like to join one of the SC Tips leagues then you can either reserve your spot in the top division by posting your team or you can make a comment on the post. Good Luck to all!



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