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Posted by Ben on June 26, 2009

Injuries can destroy your team for the WHOLE year. As soon as you start having a lot of injuries you will find yourself in a position with hardly any trades left for the last few rounds or so. But you obviously always have to trade out an injured player. The only case where you shouldn’t trade out an injured player is either when it is one week or you have a player in the reserves on your team that is playing / scoring. A good example of this was Pendlebury. So many people have him in their teams and he got injured so early on in the game ( He scored 0 points that round). I have Pendlebury, and I didn’t have anyone that was playing on the reserves so I traded him out. For anyone that may be experiencing troubles trading Pendlebury out then follow this. I was looking for a player that was between $400,00 and $480,000 because I was planning to make a profit form this for another trade. So, I cam across some great players but the only one I was ever going to pick was Andrew Welsh. Will he get back to his unbelievable form? Yes. Will his price go up? Yes. Will he score really well? Yes. So I bought him. He has just came back form injury and his price is only $437,000! What a buy. Hope this helped.

Good Luck!



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