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How Good is he?

Posted by Josh on June 25, 2009

As you should already know Supercoah is easy to play but very hard to master but if you keep visiting this site, use your knowledge and take a punt on some of the unknown players you should have a competitive side. The great thing about Supercoach is that you never know if you have a good team. At the start of this season I was thinking I could make the top 10 and that’s when everything went wrong. Richo, Harvey and Brad Ottens all went down with long-term injuries and then Buddy started to play shocking. That is when I thought how good can players be. A good player in Supercoach must e consistent and if not post huge scores every few weeks. Buddy for instance. At the start of the year you had to have him and now alot of people are wondering. WHY? Buddy is a great player but when he plays a bad game he does not score many points at all that is why you need players that are not going to score a bad score. Cat’s Joel Corey and Joel Selwood are great in this area and also Port’s Kane Kornes. Last Year Corey’s lowest score was 79 and that is still adecent score. That is how you work out whether to buy a expensive player or not. When you are picking a team must have players are Gary Ablett, Steve Johnson, Nick Riewoldt and Brendon Goodard. All of these players were loaded into my team at the start of the season but as the season has gone on some of these players have been replaced. Just remember use trades wisely. Between rounds 1-5 only use 3 trades. Then 6-12 use 8 trades. 13- 18 5 trades and then try and have 4 trades at least for finals.

GOOD LUCK! Jotterhawks


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